July 27th, 2020

15 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner

Many couples are convinced that they can plan a wedding without the help of a wedding planner. Partly because they do not know well to which extent their functions arrive and how much work the planning of a wedding really means.

Of course, everything is feasible, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy and it will depend on how well the couple tolerates stress. If you opt to do a simple celebration, with quite standard options that any supplier can offer and, furthermore, you are methodical and have enough time for the management, you could probably make it.  But with a wedding planner you can bring the event quality to another level that would be difficult to achieve on your own and the process would be stress-free and even enjoyable.

If you are the kind of couple that wonder: why do I need a wedding planner? Here some reasons why you should consider hiring their services:

ONE: A wedding planner can dedicate the time to your wedding that you do not have. Maybe you do not have enough time to manage an event of this magnitude, but your wedding planner does and will dedicate as many as hours as necessary to make your dream wedding come true.

TWO: Your wedding planner will help you control the budget and will find the way to make your vision true, according to what you can afford. This doesn’t mean that he/she can get something that costs 10 for 5, but it means searching the right vendors for your budget, finding creative solutions to save and create impact at the same time, negotiating conditions or showing you realistic options, so that you don’t feel frustrated.

THREE: Your wedding planner will help you with contracts and legal topics that you are not used to deal with. This will save you time, energy and problems, as we know what to expect, what is standard and what not and what is acceptable and what not.

FOUR: Your wedding planner will be able to give you a more realistic, innovative and reliable approach about any aspect related to the wedding planning and design, as we spend the whole day absorbing information about the sector, planning other weddings, contacting specialized suppliers and searching new trends. How many hours, days or months would you need to invest to get to know the wedding sector as well as a wedding planner does?

FIVE: Your wedding planner will coordinate the wedding day from the setting to the transport back home and will make everything run smoothly, which is exactly what you need to feel more relaxed and enjoy the celebration to the maximum. It is simply impossible that the bride and the groom are in two places at the same time during the wedding, so, even if you have done a great part of the planning yourselves, it’s strongly recommendable that you hire a wedding planner at least for the coordination of the day in order to make the most of it.

SIX: He/she will foresee possible issues that you would not even realize about, and will find the solution beforehand. When you have planned and coordinated many other events, it’s easier to see in advance what to consider, to improve, to solve or to change to avoid having problems on the wedding day. Anticipating events is the key of a good planning.

SEVEN: The functions of a wedding planner go way beyond the ones of an in-house coordinator. That person will probably be there only to coordinate the specific details related to the venue or the services they provide, like food or the space itself. They may not help you with all the little details that will make your special day so special or with topics not directly related to the venue, like managing the delivery of the welcome gifts to the hotel, putting the boutonniere to the groom and the best man, if relatives are too occupied or nervous to do so, preparing the restroom kits, being in permanent contact with the driver and/or the maid of honour to make sure the bride does not arrive when guests are still entering the ceremony, revising the rings are on site or giving the basket to the flower girl in the right moment (just to mention some).

EIGHT: Small details matter: on the wedding day, your wedding planner will notice details to solve, such as glasses that are not impeccable, place cards that are not where they should be or drinks that are not cold enough.

NINE: And not only small details, but unforeseen important events. He/she will find quick solutions to unexpected problems. For example, calling an ambulance to bring the bride’s uncle to the hospital after having twisted his foot dancing.

TEN: Flow is important. So that your guests are not hungry, don’t get bored or don’t feel overwhelmed by too many inputs during the wedding, your wedding planner will organize the timing and activities to find the right balance.

ELEVEN: Wedding planners can help you with many other things apart from the wedding day itself. They can handle, for example, the plane tickets and accommodation for guests that arrive from far away, look for a guide to show them around the days before the event or planning a pre-wedding wine tasting.

TWELVE: If your wedding planner is also a wedding designer, he/she will give conceptual and aesthetical coherence to all the elements of the event: venue, stationery, signs, flowers, decorative elements, lightning, gastronomy, wedding cake, photographic style, favours…

THIRTEEN: If you are thinking about a destination wedding, complexity grows and the wedding planner will be your eyes, ears and hands in situ.

FOURTEEN: What about the post-wedding? There are always things to do after the wedding or the day after, and I am sure you won’t want to think about that when the party is over and you and your guests are tired. Your wedding planner will be in charge of things like revising that all rentals are returned properly to avoid extra charges, collecting all the gifts for the couple, or waking up at 7am the day after to organize the post-wedding brunch.

FIFTEEN: Your wedding planner will make you enjoy the planning process. When there’s a professional leading the organization, arranging the visits, helping with the tastings, etc, the only thing you will have to do is having fun and making decisions!

And these are only the first things that crossed my mind! At the end of the day, the wedding planner does not only advise, design and plan the wedding, but also solves unexpected events and arrives where the couple cannot.

Do you still think the same?

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Photos from The Experialist by Martina Zancan, Wedding’s art and Sara Frost.

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