June 2nd, 2020

Wedding tablescapes to surprise

One of my biggest passions is creative and well-dressed tables, because everything tastes better when the setting is beautiful. Some hosts do not give the same importance to tableware or table linen than to flowers o centerpieces, and this can be a mistake because nice glassware, original cutlery or a special tablecloth will complete the ensemble and will result in a surprise effect that everybody will remember. Furthermore, it may become a conversation piece that helps breaking the ice among guests. 


Fresh summer tables

It may seem obvious that blue is the summer color par excellence, but how would you decorate a table with Mediterranean style without using the typical nautical elements?  We proposed some time ago this tablescape with organic shape plates, Majorcan fabrics, amber glasses and blue hints in the floral arrangements. What do you think? Original enough?

Image from The Experialist by Nuria Cienfuegos


Elegantly black tables

Black color doesn’t have to be gloomy or Goth if you select the appropriate pieces and combine them with more classical elements that break with the toughness of this color. A clear example is this table composed of black dishes and black table, where we added a charger plate with gold trim, brown and gold cutlery, amber glassware and mustard touches, in order to bring fineness to the scheme and create contrast with black.

Image from The Experialist by Racórds


Romantic yet modern tables

We love romantic tables, but with a hint of modernity and texture. And this is what we tried to do here for a Miss Cavallier shooting. We used a pink and off-white colour palette but going beyond the classical tones, adding terracotta candles and dusty pink napkins. We played with textures and organic materials like mother of pearl and rustic style ceramic, and at the same time we included the contemporary touch with the stationery and the water glasses.

Image from The Experialist by Racórds


Minimal tables

I am a fan of Scandinavian decoration and, even if I know it is daring to decorate a celebration table with such restrained styled tableware, I believe the result is very sassy and elegant for a chic urban environment. Textures would make the difference and the festive touch can be achieved with gold or copper cutlery and refined glassware. In this design, for example, we combined organic style plates, flatware and chairs with real mismatched vintage glasses and minimal stationery and centerpieces. 

Image from The Experialist by Carolina Sainz


As you see, you can amaze your guests in a thousand ways and one of them can be the tableware.

The Experialist

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