March 30th, 2020

Why Barcelona is a great wedding destination

As expected, I have decided to start this blog talking about my city, as there are few places more appropriate to celebrate a wedding or any other kind of event than Barcelona. There are wonderful spots in Spain and Europe where holding events, but in this occasion I would like to highlight some of the reasons why Barcelona was in 2019 the fourth city more visited by international tourists in Europe and one of the favourite cities for worldwide couples to celebrate destination weddings, marriage proposals and elopements.

Barcelona has the vitality of a cosmopolitan city and, at the same time, a modernist air of another time. So it is not a surprise that it is the Spanish hipster metropolis par excellence and that nearly one out of five inhabitants is foreigner. 

Many people are attracted by the good weather, and this is something we cannot underestimate when choosing a venue for an event. But it is not only a matter of rainy days per year. It has to do with breathtaking panoramic views, endless blue skies and gold reflections on the sea at dusk.

It is usual to find couples posing in the streets of Barcelona, because, without any doubt, there are hundreds of incredible corners where getting lost and immortalising the moment. From Gothic Quarter, to Laberint d'Horta, including La Barceloneta, there are a thousand of places that can captivate visitors at first sight.

To finish, we cannot forget our worldwide renowned gastronomy, which we can enjoy at any moment and place. We are really proud of the exquisite Mediterranean diet and the first-rate products of this land, but also of the immense capability of our chefs to fuse the most authentic part of our cuisine with the best of international flavours.

Those who have visited Barcelona will know what I am referring to. Because there are things that cannot be understood until you live them in first person.

So, what are you waiting for? We wait for you in this host city to turn your event into an unforgettable experience.

The Experialist

Photos via Martina Zancan


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